YouTube User Who Tried to Warn FBI About School Shooter Speaks Out!

19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, the perpetrator of Wednesday’s senseless school shooting, which claimed the lives of at least 17 innocent victims at a Florida high school, should have never been allowed to commit his heinous crime.

Cruz made no secret of his dark intentions, at one point, bragging about wanting to be a “professional school shooter” on the internet, prompting at least one YouTube user to contact the FBI.

After YouTuber Ben Bennight flagged the comment made by Cruz, in which the future-murderer bragged of his violent ambitions, he thought it was nothing more than an inappropriate comment, and didn’t realize the significance until after the shooting.

Bennight says he was contacted by the FBI after the deadly shooting, and added that he wished something could have been done to prevent the deadly massacre on Wednesday.

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