YIKES! Conyers’ Son and Successor Allegedly Assaulted His Girlfriend

Apparently, the son of disgraced Rep. John Conyers allegedly body-slammed his girlfriend and then spat on her during a domestic dispute.

Wow, this lad sounds like a great fit for public office!

From The Daily Caller

Conyers Jr., who resigned on Tuesday after a flood of sexual harassment allegations against him, has said that he wants Conyers III to run for his empty seat.

Conyers III was arrested on February 15 after allegedly body-slamming his girlfriend, spitting on her and swinging at her with a knife, cutting her arm, according to documents obtained by NBC News. Police found Conyers’ girlfriend with a small stab wound on her lower bicep.

Conyers III was not charged as a result of the alleged assault because of a “lack of independent witnesses” and because prosecutors said that it “could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim’s injury was not accidentally sustained.”

NBC News described 27-year-old Conyers III as a Detroit hedge fund manager.

Conyers III previously had a brief amateur rap career where he bragged that his “n***as* deal drugs.


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