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WTH? USA Today Warns of AR-15s Armed With CHAINSAWS

The liberal media is pulling out all the stops to put the fear of God into Americans when it comes to AR-15s.

USA Today released a video, following the tragic mass shooting at the church in Texas, by showing an AR-15 armed with a chainsaw.

This is just more fear mongering from the left!

From The Daily Wire

The video highlighted modifications and accessories that are in no way common on AR-15 rifles and exist primarily for novelty’s sake, like adding a 12-gauge shotgun to the AR-15. Modifications like a 12-gauge shotgun or a chainsaw (which no one uses, and are sold virtually nowhere) are expensive and add a significant amount of weight to the rifle, making it nearly unusable for many recreational shooters.

Twitter accounts ruthlessly mocked USA Today for their deliberate attempt to inject fear into the public following the shooting: