WTH? Kim Jong Un Officially Bans ‘FUN’ in North Korea

Yes, you read that right…

Kim Jong Un has officially banned all of North Korea’s citizens from having any type of “fun.”

This includes any type of drinking, dancing, singing, or just engaging in any activity considered “entertaining.”

Sounds like a great place to live.

From The Daily Wire

In an effort to keep a deeper hold on North Korean citizens as the country aims to engage in hot conflict with the west, Kim Jong-un’s government has reportedly — and literally — banned fun.

According to a report from a South Korean spy agency that operates by mixing in with the North Korean population and government, Kim Jong-un has implemented a ban on singing, dancing, drinking, and engaging in any activity considered “entertainment.”

South Korea believes that the ban has twin aims: one is to crack down on North Koreans who have been experiencing greater hardships as sanctions against the southeast Asian country increase, and former allies, like China, have become critical of Kim Jong-un’s nuclear ambitions. The other is to ready the North Korean population for further cutbacks in alcohol and food supplies.

The regime is also “strengthening control of outside information,” putting further restrictions on outside media and preventing low-level government officials from accessing reports on the United States, South Korea, and China.

The North Korean government has been threatening a “major” nuclear event for nearly a year, and the international community has responded by issuing crippling sanctions, severely limiting what North Korea can import and export — even harsher than before.

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