WTH? Hillary Insists That Trump is ‘OBSESSED’ With Her

What kind of alternate universe is this freak living in?!

Hillary told Washington Post in a recent interview that Trump is “a little obsessed” with her because she “got more votes” in the 2016 election.

Ummm…you mean you STOLE more votes, Hillary?

Also, the only reason anyone is still talking about Hillary is because she won’t shut her yap and accept her loss like any other sane individual would.

From The Daily Caller

In an interview with the Washington Post, Clinton continued to dwell on her election loss, why she lost and why she thinks she should have won.

“He’s a little obsessed with me; but I think it’s partly his own ego because he knows I got more votes and he knows that there are questions about the election that deserve answers,” Clinton told the Post.

Clinton claims that she is not Trump’s only obsession because “When in trouble in the Congress or the Russian investigation, his go-to targets are President Obama and me, and African Americans.”

Clinton herself is apparently obsessed with how she could have lost the election to Trump.

“I’m a, by nature, a reserved person. I knew that I was ready to do the job, I felt I was qualified, that my experience really gave me the tools that were needed for our country at this point in our history, but I confess I’m not as sure that I conveyed that as strongly as I wish I had,” she told the Post.

Clinton is ready to admit that not every voter is in love with her, either. But she is quick to remind us that Americans appreciated the job she did as secretary of state and that she brought so much experience to the 2016 presidential contest. If they could only have seen her president…

“When I am in a job, people like me. I left the State Department with a 69 percent approval rating. … I was reelected resoundingly as senator from New York. I had the experience of being in service to others that corresponded with people accepting and approving of that, but as a woman, when you come out and say, okay, now I want to serve, all kinds of complex gender-linked attitudes start to generate.”


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