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WOW! Newt Just Shut Down Dems Complaining About Tax Reform

On Wednesday, Republicans scored a major victory with the passage of President Trump’s tax reform bill in the Senate.

Much to the dismay of obstructionist Democrats, who would rather see the country suffer than President Trump succeed, the tax overhaul is moving right along, and things are looking great.

Although Democrats have tried to kill the bill, using fake news and outright lies, Republicans banded together to pull off a serious win for Americans everywhere.

Newt Gingrich joined Fox News to share his thoughts on the new tax bill, saying, “If you’re a working, middle class person, this bill means more money in your pocket. Period.”

“No matter what Senator Schumer says, no matter what lies he tells,” added Gingrich, who clearly was fed up with the lying Democrats’ best efforts to destroy President Trump’s America First agenda.

Watch the video: