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WOW! Former Clinton Strategist Admits Mueller and FBI’s Bias Has Been EXPOSED

Since the election of President Trump, we’ve watched Democrats, “Deep State” operatives, unhinged celebrities, and the mainstream media all attack him relentlessly.

The amazing thing, however, is that it always backfires, and it seems that anyone who tries to destroy the America First president ends up going down in flames.

That is proving to be true at the highest levels, as the FBI and DOJ are being rocked by scandals and revelations of extreme bias, corruption, and unprofessionalism bordering on treason.

As patriotic citizens and lawmakers continue to dig away, Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged “Russian collusion” is looking dead in the water, after several members of his investigation team have been revealed to be anything but non-biased and professional.

Now, even one former strategist for the Clinton family is admitting that Mueller, his investigation, and the FBI itself are facing a “crisis in public confidence.”

Mark Penn, former chief strategist for the Clintons, said that the anti-Trump texts from Peter Strzok, former member of Mueller’s team, as well as James Comey’s edits to the statement on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, AND the FBI’s involvement with the infamous “Trump” dossier are a serious issue.

“These are not just partisan issues. These are real issues that are going to have to be settled in this country,” said Penn, adding, “And somebody who’s an adult is going to stand up, say so and clean this operation up.”

Watch the video: