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With Trump in and Obama GONE, Iranians FINALLY Feel Emboldened to REVOLT!

For decades, Iran, a nation which was once free and prosperous, has been ruled by a brutal and oppressive regime, and now, its citizens are rising up.

It’s no surprise, considering what they’ve been through, and the timing for this revolution, coming just one year after the election of President Trump, is no coincidence.

While Barack Obama supported the brutal Iranian government, sending them unbelievable sums of money and allowing them to gain access to nuclear weaponry, President Trump is taking a much different approach, and the Iranian people feel emboldened.

Since the 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution, the country has lived under a hardline religious state, with citizens living in fear of both the corrupt government and the religious “secret police.”

Now, Iranians are facing death, torture, and imprisonment, as they rise up against the outdated and ineffective government, all in the name of freedom.

The whole world is watching, and the brutal tactics of the Iranian government, used to instill fear and submission its people, are on full display.

With a different, stronger leader in the White House, the rest of the world is clearly feeling the effects, something that is quite evident as the Iranian people face off against overwhelming odds in a fight for freedom.