WHOOPS! Hamas Terror Leader Admits the Truth and DESTROYS Liberal Media Narrative

Our liberal media is a joke.

They’re so far left and such radical progressives that they’d rather side with terrorists than President Trump and our ally Israel.

The fake news media has been spinning a wild story, that Israel is randomly attacking “innocent and peaceful” Palestinians, after fighting broke out over the United States opening an embassy in Jerusalem.

We’ve seen this terrorist game played out time and time again, where terrorists use a few innocent people as “shields” while they fight and kill. Then they plan stories, making it appear as though Israel is the aggressor, killing “innocents” when they fight back and defend themselves.

We’ve seen this play out so many times, so why on earth does our liberal media keep falling for it?

This time, the actual leader of Hamas was the one to set the U.S. media straight, when he said that out of the 60 people killed along the Gaza Strip, most were members of the terror group Hamas.

These are the savages our media has been empathizing with.

From IJR

While many reports from the mainstream press cast blame almost exclusively on Israel, a leader with Hamas said those killed along the Gaza Strip this week are certainly not innocent.

Israel has faced intense scrutiny for defending its homeland from a barrage of Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza the same week the U.S. Embassy in the Jewish state officially moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

But Salah al-Bardawil, a senior Hamas official, is saying those along the Gaza Strip were much more than demonstrators. In his own words, they were terrorists.

“In the last round of confrontations, if 62 people were martyred, 50 of them were Hamas,” the leader said in a video shared by Jonathan Conricus, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces.

A rudimentary translation of other remarks made by al-Bardawil shows the Hamas official claiming 50 martyrs “rose” during the week’s violent clashes, romanticizing their deaths given those who adhere to radical Islam believe “martyrs” will be rewarded in the afterlife.

As for why the media narrative is skewed in Hamas’ favor, Conricus told The Blaze’s Jason Buttrill and Faithwire’s Dan Andros that he doesn’t understand it.


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