What President Trump Did With this Fallen Officers Family Will Warm Your Heart

Our America First President loves our military and law enforcement…

And nowhere was that more apparent than during his speech at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service.

Trump made an impromptu move to bring the family of a fallen officer on stage, to respect, honor, and support them.

From IJR

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump made an impromptu move to bring the kids and mother of fallen New York Police Department detective Miosotis Familia on stage while he was speaking at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

After addressing the trend of ambush attacks on officers, Trump told attendees that among them was the family of Familia, who was shot and killed while sitting in her patrol car.

Breaking from his script, the president appeared to scan the crowd and said, “Where is that great family?”

Then, he invited them on stage in a clearly impromptu moment as he instructed officials to pave the way for the family.

“Come up here, please,” he asked. “Can you open those gates, please?”

Watch the video:


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