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Watch Tomi Lahren Completely Demolish Chelsea Handler with a Clever TRUTH BOMB!

Lately, washed up “comedian” and wannabe liberal activist Chelsea Handler has been on a politically charged tirade.

The vulgar D-Lister is no fan of Trump, and recently went on an unhinged rant, blaming our president for the wildfires in California, as well as ruthlessly attacking White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee for her appearance.

Chelsea Handler, like the rest of the anti-Trump shills who’ve tried to “reinvent” themselves by attacking the president, clearly is desperate for attention, and wants to get a reaction.

Tomi Lahren destroyed Handler with a keen truth bomb.

The things Chelsea criticizes President Trump the MOST about, she does EXACTLY the same thing herself – namely going after people on Twitter.

“She [Handler] goes on Twitter, says some ridiculous things, and she gets a reaction,” said Tomi, adding, “She IS Donald Trump, but she hates Donald Trump for that very reason.”

Unlike Handler, however, President Trump is able to use social media to help the rest of the country, by getting his message to millions of people instantly.

Chelsea Handler, in contrast, uses social media to embarrass herself to the rest of the world on a regular basis, and to spread hatred and division using her vulgar brand of “comedy.”

Watch the video: