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Watch Steve Scalise’s Emotional Take on Tax Reform Success!

It’s been an intense year for Rep. Steve Scalise, the Congressman from Louisiana, who was shot and badly wounded during the summer, buy a crazed liberal gunman who was hellbent on killing Republicans.

After battling back from some serious injuries, including an infection, Scalise is back in action, and after the House passed the tax reform vote, which will soon be headed to the Senate, the brave Congressman had some words for the American people.

“This is a historic day for you,” Scalise said to the whole country, “Because now, you finally have that shot at the American dream again.”

Rep. Scalise, who supports President Trump’s “America First” agenda, has overcome so much in the past year, and couldn’t wait to get back to Capitol Hill to continue Making America Great Again– now, his hard work is paying off.

As President Trump’s tax reform legislation continues to make progress, “America First” Republicans like Steve Scalise are making sure that, despite obstructionist Democrats’ best efforts to cause trouble, the president’s policies can be enacted.