Watch Sheriff Clarke SLAM ‘GQ’ for Awarding Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year”

In a clearly politically motivated move, liberal rag GQ Magazine decided to name Colin Kaepernick, who has spent the past year sowing the seeds of racial division in America, as their “Citizen of the Year.”

After spreading, popularizing, and encouraging anti-police sentiment, Kaepernick also paved the way for the sickening levels of racism coming from NFL players towards white Americans, and to honor him in such a way is a disgrace.

Sheriff Clarke joined Sean Hannity on Fox News on Monday night, and slammed the decision, which he called a “political stunt.”

Calling GQ a “failing magazine,” Sheriff Clarke accurately said that the magazine is desperate to draw attention to themselves.

Recalling real African American heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali, Jackie Robinson, and others, saying, “These people accomplished something, and really stood for something.”

“Kaeperick doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” said Sheriff Clarke, who reminded the viewers that Tim Tebow was the original “take a knee” player, although while Tebow knelt in prayer, Kaepernick “sat on his ass for the national anthem.”

Sheriff Clarke is right as always, and if Colin Kaepernick thinks he’s being “honored” by GQ Magazine, he should think again, because he’s just being used to sell their product!

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