Watch Sarah Huckabee DESTROY Crooked Mueller!

After the unbelievable and shameful conduct by Diane Feinstein, who recently (and intentionally) released information on the Fusion GPS investigation, hindering the House Committee’s ability to inform the American people further, the American people are furious.

For over a year, the entire country has been forced to hear Trump-hating Democrats and RINOs drone on endlessly about “Russian collusion,” and the farce of an investigation into the accusations, headed up by “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller, has proven to be biased and rotten.

To anyone watching, it’s obvious that some extremely shady and disturbing things have gone on, as the country learns more about the disgraceful behavior of the FBI, DOJ, and Democrat politicians.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee ripped into the Mueller probe, saying that “The only people that we’ve seen trying to influence the investigation are former director Comey and Democrats in Congress.”

Diane Feinstein’s act in Congress proved that Democrats are willing to sink to any low in order to cover up their dastardly behavior, especially during the last few years of the Obama administration, and the 2016 election.

The Democratic Party, which is badly fractured, lacking in message, substance, and leadership, continues to embarrass itself on a national scale, with corrupt career politicians like Feinstein and Pelosi leading the way.

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