Watch Race Baiting Pelosi Claim Trump’s Plan is “to Make America White Again”

For decades, one of the left’s most useful tools against conservatives was the tried-and-true method of calling them “racist” and watching them fold, and it worked for years.

Now, however, conservatives no longer accept this accusation by liberals, and in fact, the left was so careless in throwing around accusations of racism that the word has practically lost its meaning.

That fact hasn’t stopped liberals from continuing to cling to this pathetic tactic, which they overused completely during the 2016 election cycle and for the duration of President Trump’s time in office.

Now, the unhinged Nancy Pelosi, having recently taken a humiliating loss with her fellow Democrats as they caved to President Trump after causing a government shutdown, is venting her impotent liberal rage by calling the president “racist” yet again.

In a rambling statement issued on Friday, Pelosi called the Trump administration’s work towards immigration reform “cowardice,” and accused them of “holding DREAMers hostage,” despite repeated attempts from the president at bipartisan negotiation with Democrats on the issue.

Pelosi went on to make even more outlandish accusations, calling President Trump’s recent immigration reform outline “part of the Trump administration’s unmistakable campaign to make America white again.”

This sort of hateful, race-baiting yammering is dangerous, and has served to drive liberal denizens of the streets to violence, something we’ve seen several times over the duration of the past year.

Pelosi and other Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for engaging in this divisive behavior, and for using such intentionally manipulative rhetoric, but lately, the left seems to be collectively lacking a sense of humility, as well as integrity, decency, and many other virtues!

Watch the video:


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