Watch Pro-Police Patriots CLASH with Antifa at Coffee Shop that Banned Cops

Hasta Muerte Coffee, a small coffee shop in Oakland, California, recently found itself in the news after its decision to refuse service to uniformed police officers.

The coffee shop has turned away at least one uniformed officer, and stated (in Spanish) to “Talk to your neighbors, not the police,” on its social media accounts.

Now, a group of patriotic Americans were attacked outside the coffee shop by black clad members of the left-wing group Antifa, some of who were armed with baseball bats, mace, and other weapons.

“A coffee shop in Oakland, CA refuses service to police officers yet supports a terrorist like Assata Shakur. Here I was attacked with bats and pepperspray by Antifa thugs,” said Ashton Whitty, one of those attacked by Antifa.

Watch the video:


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