WATCH: Kerry Goes Bonkers, Encourages People to Sue President Trump Over the WEATHER

Failed former Secretary of State John Kerry is now urging people to sue President Trump over the weather.

While speaking at another pointless progressive “think tank,” Kerry went full “climate change bonkers,” trying to scare the life out of people, while declaring he is not someone who “scares” people.

He then went on to discuss “legal standing” to bring a lawsuit against Trump for the lives that will be lost due to weather.

“I don’t try to be a trouble-monger or to be somebody who tries to scare people, but I’m telling you, folks…and I write about this in the last chapter of the book. I mean, I wish I could find legal standing to bring a case against Donald Trump for the lives that will be lost and the property that will be damaged and the billions of dollars because of his decision on climate change. This is life and death. Our democracy matters that much.”

Watch the video:


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