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Watch Jesse Watters Praise Trump’s Brilliant Handling of the #SchumerShutdown

On Monday, President Trump and Republicans wrangled the obstructionist Democrats, lead by the treacherous Senator Chuck Schumer, into making a deal to end the government shutdown.

As it turns out, Schumer’s manufactured shutdown of the federal government was nothing more than a despicable and pathetic bid for attention, which Democrats hoped would reflect negatively on President Trump.

However, their shameful plan backfired, and instead, the country got a front row seat to witness just how little Democrats care about the American people, as they proved that the left is willing to harm American in order to undermine the president.

Even worse for Democrats, is that President Trump came out of the liberal-manufactured government shutdown looking even better than he already did, as he handled the entire situation with dignity, grace, and strength.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters shared his thoughts on how President Trump handled the shutdown, and said that he didn’t feel that the Democrats were able to harm him, and pointed out that “He came and stood on principle, didn’t blink, and now has a stronger hand going into future negotiations.”

Watters’ assessment is spot-on, as President Trump’s firm, yet restrained approach to handling the Democrats was brilliant, leaving the left looking like the unhinged, petulant children they truly are these days.

Watch the video: