WAKE UP CALL: Here’s Two ALARMING Policies Pelosi Plans to Implement if Dems Win 2018

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is feeling very confident, and that should make you very, nervous.

Pelosi believes that the Democrats will win BIG in November, and when they do, she’s vowing to push amnesty and gun control.

From Breitbart

A confident House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted on Tuesday that Democrats will take back the House and immediately push for amnesty for so-called Dreamers and more gun-control legislation.

“When we win and we take over in January, some of the issues that will come up soon are some of the issues that we are asking the Speaker to do right now,” she said at a Georgetown University event.

Pelosi then said Democrats are set to push “gun-violence legislation and background-checks legislation” in addition to “legislation on the Dreamers.”

“Certainly that will be among the things we will do right away,” she continued.

Pelosi also suggested that Democrats would “revisit” President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and push an infrastructure bill to “build the infrastructure of America—housing, schools, bridges, water.”

She also spoke about building the country’s “human infrastructure,” including education and health care for young people and pension security for their families.

She said Democrats will run on “fairness and justice” and tell voters that Republicans in Congress have been there longer than President Donald Trump and are worse on issues left-wing activists care about like gun control, climate change, and amnesty.

If Democrats do take back the House, Pelosi will not be a shoo-in to become Speaker again. After Democrat Conor Lamb’s victory in a Pennsylvania special election, numerous Democrats across the country have distanced themselves from Pelosi, with many top left-wing candidates even in her home state refusing to go on the record to voice their support for Pelosi.

Pelosi, though, is relying on her fundraising ability and political vote-counting skills to regain her Speakership if Democrats take back the House in November.


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