VIRAL: Liberal Has MELTDOWN When Seeing Disney’s “Trump Robot”

When it comes to liberals and the topic of President Trump, even the very mention of his name is enough to send many into a triggered meltdown, caused by an acute case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

For one liberal, the addition of President Trump to Disney’s “Hall of Presidents,” which features animatronic representations of past U.S. leaders, pushed him over the edge.

Jay Malsky, a Trump-hating “comedian” who goes by the alias “Earnest Gay Thoughts,” began screaming hysterically when the robot version of President Trump began speaking.

As the deranged liberal screeched “LOCK HIM UP,” security quickly rounded him up, and escorted him from the park.

Malsky, it seems, may have premeditated his outburst, and even pondered whether he should throw something at the Trump robot.

As is the case with most liberals, Malsky’s actions were more about getting attention for himself, rather than protesting the president, and he quickly uploaded the videos to his social media pages.

Jay Malsky likely won’t achieve the “fame” he hoped for, but at least he got some great responses from Trump supporters!

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