Violent Left-Wing University Group Calls for “Law Enforcement INCINERATION Day”

We all know that liberals hate the police, just like they hate the military, because any form of discipline is offensive to the left.

Now, a radical left-wing group at the University of Texas at Austin, known as the “Autonomous Student Network,” or “ASN,” is stepping up the violence by calling for “Law Enforcement Incineration Day.”

This isn’t surprising, considering the anti-police sentiment coming from Democrat politicians, including former President Barack Obama himself, and a slew of other liberal celebrities and NFL athletes, but it is extremely disturbing.

Another member of the group called police officers “mercenaries,” claiming they “use force against others, in return for a paycheck,” and claiming that lacking honor is “essential to being a cop.”

The group posted typical outlandish left-wing propaganda, accusing the police of somehow enabling “white supremacy” and other nonsense, and generally showcased their lack of touch with reality.

As the left continues to call for violence against our police officers, our president, and anyone wearing a “MAGA” hat, it’s no wonder they don’t like cops: they’re the only ones standing up to them!

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