VIDEO: Will McCain Vote in Favor of Tax Reform Despite His Hatred Towards Trump?

John McCain and Mitch McConnell are two peas in a pod, their only difference is that they go about accomplishing their goal (which is to undermine President Trump) in slightly different ways.

McCain, who is proud of his status as a political elite, has been a vocal critic of the president since the campaign, and has become even more bitter with the realization that Trump won, whereas he lost his own bid for the White House.

McConnell, however, has taken a different approach, and stuck to the bumbling, goofy persona he’s used to dupe the American people into thinking he’s actually trying to do something on their behalf.

Now, as President Trump’s tax reform bill rests in the hands of the Senate, McConnell (as Senate Majority Leader) is feeling the pressure, especially after failing epically to repeal ObamaCare.

John McCain infamously cast the vote that killed the ObamaCare repeal attempt, and now, as Trump’s tax legislation nears a Senate vote, McConnell is trying to assure the American people that McCain won’t “go rogue” again.

This is not surprising, considering the two feckless GOP establishment elites have spent their political careers lying to the country, although, McConnell may well hope McCain DOES cooperate.

American voters are furious with the McCain, McConnell, and the Senate in general, and after their epic and humiliating failure on ObamaCare, all eyes are on them to do the job or resign in shame.

With McConnell’s “head on the block” with Republican voters, the inept Senate Majority Leader might actually attempt to keep McCain reigned in, and the rest of the country will tell you: he had better!

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