VIDEO: Tucker – Flynn’s Plea Does Nothing to Prove Russia Collusion

With the latest development in the ridiculous and clearly biased witch-hunt into President Trump’s alleged (and debunked) “Russian collusion” during the 2016 election, people on both sides are scrambling to spin it.

Robert Mueller, the “Special Counsel” and Deep State sycophant that heads the investigation, has relentlessly tried to dig up dirt on the President Trump and his administration, but so far, has managed only to waste time and money, bringing unrelated charges against two.

Today, General Robert Flynn, a man who has been vilified by the anti-Trump mainstream media, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, regarding meeting with Russians.

As Tucker Carlson brilliantly points out, however, Flynn DID meet with Russians, but in December of 2016- a month AFTER the election.

General Flynn’s statement, as Tucker explains, “undercuts” Mueller and his anti-Trump masters’ attempts to pin “Russian collusion” on Trump, and further goes to show that the entire investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt.

Flynn met with Russians to promote American interests, AFTER the election was over, and clearly wasn’t “rigging an election” a month after it took place.

Robert Mueller and his anti-Trump circle of establishment globalists, who have chanted “Russian collusion” as their personal mantra for months, have been unable to prove their claims because no such collusion took place.

As Tucker says, “So far, it’s hard to know exactly how THIS makes America better.”

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