VIDEO: Tucker Debates Canadian Liberal Party Leader on PC Culture OVERLOAD!

Tucker Carlson is no stranger to dealing with the far-left, and is never one to back down from the opportunity to discuss tough issues with them, often times, exposing their hypocrisy in the process.

On Wednesday, Tucker sat down with Stephen LeDrew, the former Canadian Liberal Party President, to talk about the controversial forced “LGBTQ tolerance” workshops that some teachers north of the border are complaining about.

As Tucker pointed out, the “tolerance police” are apparently given more authority in Canada, and with teachers in Ontario being forced to attend “LGGBDTTTIQQAAP” workshops, Carlson wondered why people must attend training programs for a “community that no one can define.”

Although LeDrew said that normally, nobody uses the “LGGBDTTTIQQAAP” acronym, but missed the point entirely.

The issue, which liberals are always quick to dance around, is that people are being required to spend their own free time, uncompensated, to attend “sensitivity” classes when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Throughout the Western world, the left has become so fixated on “micro-aggressions” and other ridiculous concepts, that their required “tolerance workshops” and other forced “diversity” programs have quickly alienated much of their core constituency.

Watch the video:

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