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VIDEO: Laura Ingraham – Increasingly Radical Left to Blame for Steinle Verdict

Americans are still feeling shock and outrage two days after the verdict in the murder trial of the illegal alien who murdered innocent American citizen, Kate Steinle, in San Francisco.

The illegal thug, who had been convicted of SEVEN felonies, and had previously been deported from the United States FIVE TIMES already, obtained a stolen firearm and “accidentally” murdered Kate as she walked with her father on a pier.

Now, a jury that was reportedly loaded with millennials from the sanctuary city of San Francisco, has found the killer “not guilty,” which was clearly to send a political message to President Trump.

The rest of the country, however, is feeling anger and disgust, especially toward liberals in general, who not only defended the killer, but celebrated his acquittal.

Truly, the fact that liberals openly celebrated the “not guilty” verdict of a man who was CLEARLY guilty, simply out of their hatred for President Trump, is horrifying and sickening, but an unfortunate truth about the state of the left today.

Sadly, liberals will side with a 7-time-convicted felon who murdered an innocent girl, over President Trump, and are absolutely thrilled that the career-criminal-turned-killer will be back on the street soon.

As Laura Ingraham stated, during a discussion with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, “President Trump ran on protecting Americans (and legal immigrants) from this kind of carnage,” and with the shocking verdict, the country sees just what the alternative would have been, had the left won the election.

Thankfully, President Trump and his administration are working tirelessly to “Make America Safe Again,” and are accomplishing that by working toward the construction of the “Trump Wall,” as well as by allowing ICE to arrest and deport illegal aliens.

Watch the video: