VIDEO: Jerusalem Celebrates Trump’s Historic Decision with American Flags on City Walls

On Wednesday, President Trump made one of his biggest decisions yet, and in a completely unprecedented move, officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, ordering the move of the U.S. Embassy to begin.

The move, which has been something several U.S. Presidents have promised to do, but failed to accomplish, has sent a clear message to the rest of the world- that America stands with our allies.

For years, the left and the forces of globalism have championed Palestine, who is locked in a bitter dispute with Israel over the city of Jerusalem, which both nations believe is their holy land and capital city.

As President Trump said, “It’s time to recognize the obvious,” and acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, and move forward with peace negotiations from there.

Now that Trump has settled the debate for Israel and Palestine, who, as the rest of the world stood by and did nothing, refused to come to an agreement, the two sides can finally begin to seek peace.

Although the move has been met with some criticism, President Trump fulfilled the promises that several other U.S. Presidents did not, and chose to side with our ally rather than appease a nation that is famous for Islamic terrorism.

After decades of disastrous establishment elitism in charge, our America First president is putting our country and our allies, who were alienated by the previous administrations, back to the head of the line.


  1. Priscilla Rose
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