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VIDEO: Hate Crime HOAXES Continue to get EXPOSED!

The left has a long and sordid history of race-baiting and fake hate crimes, as well as reporting “hoax” hate crimes that never happened, and it’s worked for decades, but times have changed.

Now, Americans are far more aware of the hoaxes, and having been beaten down by “political correctness” and non-stop accusations of “racism,” people are far less hesitant to call out the lies.

Since the election of President Trump, liberals have been arrested in droves for filing false police reports and making fraudulent claims of racially motivated crimes, usually featuring a “white male with a MAGA hat.”

Jesse Watters is just one of many who have come out swinging against these hoax hate crimes, and slammed the “victimology industry” for creating an atmosphere that encourages such lies.

Watters wasn’t done, and pointed out that the majority of these fake hate crimes and hoaxes are coming from college campuses, which are plagued by far-left ideology and “safe spaces” for perpetually-triggered liberals.

Jesse Watters isn’t the only one who’s calling out this ridiculous narrative, and Kim Guilfoyle chimed in too.

Americans are sick and tired of the racial tension and division that has been encouraged and fostered for the past eight years, which played a large part in the election of President Trump.

The “political correctness police” have become so unhinged, now they don’t hesitate to file false police reports and commit criminal acts to try and portray Trump supporters as racists, a narrative that is clearly not working well for them!