Victims Say NBC Was Aware of Matt Lauer’s Behavior But Protected Him

Today, NBC shocked the nation when it announced the firing of Matt Lauer, who had formerly had been a longstanding figurehead at the network.

Lauer has recently faced shocking accusations of sexual abuse during his time at NBC, and several former coworkers have come forward with horrifying accounts.

Now, as the truth is sinking in, others in the media, including his coworkers, are expressing shock that he was fired, simply due to the fact that he held so much power.

Lauer, who is reported to have engaged in extreme forms of misconduct during his time at NBC, was seen by many as “too powerful” to be held accountable for his actions, something we’ve seen with Harvey Weinstein and others.

The liberal mainstream media has a longstanding history of shielding Democrats and left-leaning pundits from their misbehaviors, and now, with one of their own going down, others are starting to sweat.

High-profile media figures like Matt Lauer have become so famous, that they apparently believed themselves to be “above the law,” much like the Hollywood elites, such as Harvey Weinstein, and the slew of Democrat politicians who’re facing serious sexual abuse allegations.

These people, who have all been extremely vocal in their anti-Trump rhetoric, had the nerve to accuse his supporters of being evil, but were engaged in egregious and unforgivable behavior the entire time, and now, they’re being exposed for who they truly are.

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