Veteran RIPS NFL Players, ‘Get Off Your Knees, Already!’

As the NFL continues to alienate fans by disrespecting the national anthem and veterans, more Americans are speaking out.

Army veteran, Kathy Barnette, is calling the NFL out for their foolishness, and points out that “police brutality,” isn’t even one of the top five biggest issues faced by black Americans.

“There are some real issues in the black community, some very real, systemic, devastating issues,” Barnette told Fox News, adding, “But the one that we are seeing almost every day, about police brutality, that probably isn’t even in the top five.”

In addition, Barnette also noted that NFL players are failing to use their outreach and platform to accomplish anything positive.

“For these particular NFL players, they have a significant platform. They can go into any community and immediately shine a spotlight on what the real issues are,” Barnette said, and shamed the NFL for choosing to promote racial tension and division, instead.

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