Unlike Obama, Trump Declines Golfing, Out of Respect for Shooting Victims

President Trump declined to golf on Saturday, out of respect for the victims of the Florida school shooting.

However, unlike President Trump, who places the feelings and needs of others ahead of his own, former President Barack Hussein Obama golfed while people in Louisiana were drowning due to floor waters.

From Breitbart

President Donald Trump decided not to golf on Saturday, despite being at his Palm Beach resort at Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reported that the White House informed her of Trump’s decision the morning after he visited victims of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. They said he chose not to golf out of respect for the victims and those mourning the dead.

The weather in Palm Beach was sunny with a high of 80 degrees.

Trump’s golf club in Palm Beach is only about 40 miles away from the Parkland community where the shooting happened. Funeral and memorial services for the victims are still taking place in the community.

“Melania and I met such incredible people last night in Broward County, Florida,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Will never forget them, or the evening!”

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