Unexpected Pundit SLAMS the U.N. for ‘Disgraceful’ Votes Against Trump’s Israel Decision

After President Trump solved a decades-old, international “problem” of whether the city of Jerusalem belonged to Israel or Palestine, the globalists of the UN had a meltdown.

Naturally, the same people who forced mass-scale Islamic migration upon Europe, decimating cities and countries in the process, also feel entitled to “having a say” in decisions made by the United States, which is a joke in itself.

Although weak leaders like Barack Obama may have bent the knee to the UN, President Trump has taken a decidedly different stance, and echoed the sentiments of the majority of the American people when he recently told them, “We don’t care.”

Ben Stein, who is far from a Trump “fan,” joined Fox News and shared his thoughts on the UN’s actions and comments over Trump’s decision, calling them a “shame and a disgrace.”

Watch the video:


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