UK Denies Entry to these Two Women Over Their Christianity and Conservative Views

Two women have been denied entry to the UK, apparently over their Christian faith and conservative views.

The United Kingdom recently denied entry to American conservative journalist, Brittany Pettibone, and detained her for three days, due to what they called her “far right” ties.

Pettibone said that she and another man were “held in a detention facility.”

Additionally, Pettibone says law enforcement alleged that a planned speech at Speaker’s Corner would “incite tensions between local communities.”

The journalist went on to call the incident “an absolute disgrace for the U.K.”

Lauren Southern, a fellow conservative journalist who frequently is labeled “far right,” described her own encounter with U.K. police, and said that during questioning, she was asked about her Christian faith, and where she was a “radical.”

Southern also said that U.K. authorities asked her about “how [she felt] about running over Muslims with cars.”


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