Trump’s Hilarious Response When Asked About Greek PM Once Calling Him ‘Evil’

Since the election of President Trump, we’ve seen several “progressive” politicians from other countries make disparaging comments about our leader, then to befriend him after meeting him in person.

That’s exactly what happened to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who said in 2016 that he hoped the world could avoid facing the “evil” of electing Trump to be the President of the United States.

Roughly a year after making that comment, Prime Minister Tsipras found himself standing with President Trump at the White House, which initially made for an awkward moment.

A reporter asked Tsipras if he had changed his mind on President Trump after meeting him, but Trump quickly interrupted with a joking answer of, “I wish I knew that before my speech!”

The Greek Prime Minister told the media that he had indeed come to that he shares “common values” with President Trump, such as the concepts of freedom and democracy.


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