Trump’s Attorney Delivers Bad News to Dems Banking on “Russian Collusion”

President Trump’s top lawyer just ended the entire “Russia Collusion” debate.

Jay Sekulow told “The New Yorker” that it wouldn’t even matter if members of the Trump’s campaign “colluded” with Russia, as long as no crimes were committed.

“For something to be a crime, there has to be a statute that you claim is being violated,” Jay Sekulow said in an article published in the December issue of the magazine.

“There is not a statute that refers to criminal collusion. There is no crime of collusion.”

From The Hill

Trump’s attorney told the magazine on multiple occasions that collusion with Russia or another foreign power during a campaign is not illegal, and that no statute would be violated by the campaign working with the Russian government even if such an act is proven by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Mueller’s investigation has the authority to investigate any matters that come up in the course of investigating possible collusion between the campaign and Russia.



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