Trump Sending 22,000 non-FEMA employees to Florida in Massive Irma Response

President Trump’s Harvey response has been called “the best in history” and his response to IRMA will be no different.

American finally has true leadership in the White House!

From WashingtonExaminer

Federal agencies have deployed nearly 22,000 employees to Florida and surrounding states to help with the response efforts following Hurricane Irma, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Monday afternoon.

Ten times more non-FEMA employees were sent to Florida to carry out tasks associated with their agencies than agency employees.

The Department of Homeland Security agency has sent Florida residents 2.4 million meals and 1.4 million liters of water, according to a department press release.

FEMA has also prepared 5 million meals, 100,000 tarps, 2 million gallons of water, 47,000 blankets, and nearly 19,000 cots in nearby Alabama in case they are needed.

An estimated 127,000 people took shelter in Florida’s 460 evacuation centers.

The Commerce Department’s Corporation for National and Community Service activated more than 160 AmeriCorps members.

Health and Human Services moved 550 personnel from the National Disaster Medical System and the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps into Florida before the storm landed Saturday. Three medical teams are helping at hospital centers on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and evacuating dialysis patients.


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