Trump Saves Taxpayers $3 Mil By Axing FAILED Obama-Designed Website

One thing President Trump certainly surpasses Obama in by MILES, it’s eliminated unneeded government spending!

We all know the disastrous Obamacare website, which cost taxpayers major dough.

Obama’s WhiteHouse.gov site is a similar costly disaster, and is about to be totally redone.

From the Washington Examiner

The official White House website is getting a facelift – one that could save American taxpayers as much $3 million annually.

A newly designed WhiteHouse.gov will launch early Friday, ending a months-long reconstruction process that aimed to bring the Trump administration’s digital presence up to current standards, a White House official said Thursday.

“The old site was a good temporary measure that allowed us to use what the previous administration had built, but it wasn’t where it needed to be in terms of providing people with content they can easily access,” the official said.

The updated website will feature enhanced search tools, making it easier for visitors to filter content by date or topic. It will also provide “in-depth policy updates” and appear “much cleaner,” according to the official.

“It adapts the U.S. web design standards and uses a style that is clean, simple and presidential,” the official said.

But perhaps the most attractive part of the new website is its annual price tag.

“We will save taxpayers almost $3 million per year as a result of the redesigned site,” the official said, claiming the anticipated savings will come from changes to the site’s security and maintenance.

“The president is focused on making smart use of taxpayer dollars and we thought that the previous site was, frankly, costing far too much.”

A White House spokesperson told the Washington Examiner the old website cost “more than $6 million a year.”

“We are now saving more than 60 percent of that number per year,” the spokesperson said.



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