Trump, Mattis and Tillerson Respond to North Korea’s Latest Missile Launch

Today, North Korea launched yet another missile, in clear defiance of the United States and the rest of the world.

The intercontinental ballistic missile tested  was capable of reaching Washington D.C., and was the first missile test in 10 weeks.

President Trump responded quickly, saying, “we will take care of it,” and keeping with his policy of not broadcasting his plans to our nation’s enemies.

During his response, the president praised the U.S. military, which he said “is Number One to me,” and vowed to continue strengthening and building up our fighting forces.

Although the Unites States has reached out to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, several times, the leader of the dictatorship seems intent on continuing to instigate a fight he cannot win.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also released a statement today, condemning North Korea, and vowing to “send a message” to the DPRK, along with the allies of the United States, in order to “reverse” the policies of nuclear armament being sought by the hermit nation.

General Mattis also spoke on the launch, saying that the missile tested “went higher than any previous shot they’ve [North Korea] taken,” adding that the DPRK’s goal is to “continue building ballistic missiles to travel anywhere in the world.”

As the tiny rogue nation, lead by its brutal and unhinged leader, continues to defy the will of the rest of the world by testing dangerous weaponry and engaging in threatening language, the United States and its allies are prepared to take action.


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