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Trump Exposes Scheming Dems for Their Dirty Counter-Memo Trick

On Saturday, President Trump called out the Democrats for the contents of their “rebuttal memo” to the House Intelligence Committee’s recently-released FISA memo, and accused the left of filling their memo with intentionally-sensitive material, preventing its release.

The president sent the memo back, ordering Democrats to make necessary edits, and called them out for “playing politics,” saying that they knew the memo contained “sources and methods” which would require redaction, for which they could then blame Trump, and accuse him of not being transparent.

Later, President Trump took to social media, where he shared a quote from Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, who said that he believed the recent revelations regarding the FISA abuse and Clinton-funded Russian Dossier “vindicated” Trump, who he said was “victimized” by the Obama Administration.

The White House and Republicans have said that the memo, which was said to have contained “numerous” classified and sensitive passages, would probably be released, following edits to such information.