Traitor McCain Claims Trump has ‘No Principles’ in F-BOMB Filled Tantrum

John McCain reminds us nearly every day what a traitor he is.

The man is not interested in public service, his only goal is to obstruct President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Case in point, McCain went on an vulgar tirade, attacking President Trump, and claiming Trump has no “principles.”

Ironic, considering the “songbird” source.

From Washington Times

Say what you will about Sen. John McCain — but the man sure knows how to throw a temper tantrum.

In an interview with Esquire that’s bound to go down in history as classic, McCaindropped the f-bomb in reference to Hillary Clinton, and slammed President Donald Trump as lacking in “principles and beliefs.”

That was the warmup.

On Clinton’s post-election book, aptly titled, “What Happened,” McCain said, Mediaite noted: “What’s the f–ing point? Keep the fight up? History will judge that campaign and it’s always a period of time before they do. You’ve got to move on. This is Hillary’s problem right now: She doesn’t have anything to do.”


His words on Trump weren’t much softer — or subtler.

“I don’t agree with the way he’s conducting his presidency, obviously,” McCain said.


But do tell why.

“He’s an individual that unfortunately is not anchored by a set of principles,” McCain said, the Hill noted. “I think he’s a person who takes advantage of situations.”

Like McCain himself does, when the left-leaning media taps him for the so-called “Republican” perspective?

He didn’t say.

Must have been implied.

But wait — there’s more on Trump.

While admitting the president may be “successful” as a builder and entrepreneur, McCain added: “But I don’t think he has the fundamental underpinnings of principles and beliefs. I don’t think there was any doubt about his views toward me.”

Here’s the punchline … wait for it … wait for it …

“But I’m a loyal Republican,” McCain said.

And by Republican, surely he meant Democrat.

But McCain didn’t say.

He didn’t have to. For anyone who knows McCain or his political record — it was implied.


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