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Tim Tebow Has a Blast With WWII Veterans in Shelter After Hurricane Irma

Tim Tebow is known for going the extra mile in terms of helping out fans and any other Americans who are in need, and he’s recently spent some time visiting victims of Hurricane Irma.

During a visit to a special needs shelter, Tebow met one WWII veteran whose positivity and musical talent moved him.

While visiting with residents of the shelter, including several veterans, one WWII vet used his harmonica to keep everyone upbeat and happy.

With so many people effected by the powerful storm, it’s great to see American heroes like Tim Tebow dedicate so much of their time to helping those who are down and out.

As Tebow said, he was “totally uplifted” by the visit, and surely the WWII veterans he spent time with feel the same way.

Watch the video: