Threats From Donors Are Putting Dems in Even MORE DANGER for 2018

It seems that the Democrats’ prospects for the 2018 midterm are getting worse every day.

Despite middle America’s growing support for the GOP tax bill, Democrats continue to attack it, but some of their biggest financial supporters are telling them to stop or face the consequences.

From Fox News

Washington Democrats are taking heat from some of their biggest financial supporters over a midterm-election strategy still focused on bashing President Trump and the Republican tax cut plan – as recent polls suggest the party’s candidates could be losing their edge.

Congressional Democrats, just a couple months ago, thought they had a winning plan for taking control of the chamber by arguing the tax cuts were a gift to corporate supporters at the expense of the American worker. Within hours of the bill’s passage, Democrats returned to their districts for the holidays, ready to trumpet the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s message of “House Republicans Sign Away Their Seats.”

However, the extra money in employee paychecks since early January, and bonuses related to the cuts, apparently are winning over voters.

Those outside the Capitol Hill bubble are taking note, and urging Democrats to reconsider their message.

“If we spend all of our cycle running against the tax bill, it’s probably going to be a mistake,” Julie Greene, a former Democratic National Committee aide who now leads midterm campaign efforts for the AFL-CIO, recently said.

The most recent RealClearPolitics average of “generic” ballot polls — asking voters which party they prefer in congressional races — shows Democrats with a roughly 7-percentage-point lead over Republicans, compared with 13 points the day after Congress approved the tax law.

And a new Morning Consult/Politico poll showed Republicans leading by 1 percentage point, after trailing for three months.

Trump also has taken note of the polls, as Democrats try to win a total two-dozen seats to retake the House majority they lost in 2010.

“Republicans are now leading the Generic Poll, perhaps because of the popular Tax Cuts which the Dems want to take away. Actually, they want to raise you taxes, substantially,” the president tweeted Tuesday.


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