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This “Thank You Letter” to President Trump from a Supporter is EPIC!

By Kim Crockett

Not sure how to start this post.. but here goes…and yes, I wrote this!!

A couple years ago, a man decided to run for office..he was ridiculed, people said he would never be President…

Hollywood elite joked about it, the news outlets giggled, stories came out about him being a womanizer, a video surfaced about him “grabbing pussy”…And to so many Liberal’s dismay…On November 8th, 2016… this “man” became our 45th President! Donald J Trump!!! Our country was in shambles… we were so far in debt, our laws and rules down the drain.

Shoot a cop, the family could sue and win millions because, well…its ok! Cops are “always bad” when even if we’re doing bad things!! DACA, oh great.. another “dreamer”.. doesn’t matter that you are ILLEGAL…you still have dreams.

Did you not think about our American children that have dreams too?

They aren’t realized, because well, we had to think about YOU first!!! Global warming, well, we won’t go into that… its bullshit and been proven! Gun control, lets discuss this!

Yeah, ok… Chicago has the toughest gun control laws… yet the largest amount of homicides.. how’s that working out? Well, guess its not. The border wall, and again, back on Illegals… tonight, we just had a HUGE wake up call… an illegal alien, deported SIX times… just beat a murder charge of an American woman!!!

Now please, all you pleasant Liberals, explain to me how?? First off, he should have NEVER been here… he’s not a “dreamer”…he’s a THUG.. that took the life of an innocent woman… just walking with her father!

Let me guess.. she was “asking for it”…. and with that… leads me into all the sex scandals. Wow, I want to list them all, but just WAY too many!

But what I find funny.. is the ones that are guilty… are not being prosecuted or willing to step down… but, we have the innocent ones, that are being prosecuted without proof!

Maybe Russia had something to do with it?? We should investigate? Because, well.. we’re at a dead end!!

Donald J Trump won, not because of Russia, not because of the Electoral votes… American’s are just SICK and TIRED of the bullshit congress… and we stepped up on Election Day… and let our voices be heard!!!

Now.. we are enjoying the avalanche… Sorry folks… he IS your President…and he is “Making America Great Again”… one day at a time!!!

Now, to all you women out there… that were so against him.. and his “pussy grabbing” video… where are you NOW????? So many women shamed, hurt, abused, groped, and raped by not only Politicians..but Hollywood elites… you stand completely SILENT!!

Guess your ONLY agenda was hurting the President.. and not really standing up for WOMEN!!! Hypocrites!!

Doesn’t fit your agenda… so who cares, right???

Thank you President Trump!

If it wasn’t for you.. well, where would we be???