The Ratings Are in on Comey’s ABC Interview and It’s BAD, Folks…

There’s been anticipation building for months now over not only James Comey’s book release, but his “blockbuster” interview with George Stephanapolis.

Not only was the interview itself completely underwhelming, but the ratings were less than groundbreaking as well.

From The Daily Caller

ABC’s Sunday night interview with James Comey earned the network a ratings boost, yet fewer people watched the former FBI director’s conversation with George Stephanopoulos than both the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards and “60 Minutes” sit-down with Stormy Daniels the previous month.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC “averaged 9.8 million viewers and a 2.4 rating” in the A25-54 demographic. Conversely, the 2018 AMCs, which aired on CBS, averaged 12.08 million.

CBS’ Stormy Daniels interview more than doubled Comey’s numbers, and its 24.5 million viewer average was 60 Minutes’ highest rated episode in the past 10 years.

During the interview, Comey consistently criticized President Trump and went so far as speculating that Russia has compromising information on the president.

“It is stunning and I wish I wasn’t saying it, but it’s just — it’s the truth. I cannot say that,” he told Stephanopoulos. “It always struck me and still strikes me as unlikely, and I would’ve been able to say with high confidence about any other president I dealt with, but I can’t. It’s possible.”


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