Teacher Who Told Students Soldiers are the “Lowest of Our Low” Faces Backlash

It’s no secret that most liberals hate all forms law and order, especially our police officers and military personnel, but over the past few years, their hatred has reached new lows.

Now, left-wing radicals gleefully take every opportunity to disparage our military and law enforcement heroes, even in the classroom, as one liberal high school teacher, Gregory Salcido, of Pico Rivera, California, proved recently.

Salicido was caught on video by one of this students in the middle of an unhinged rant, and in a fit of liberal rage, he called U.S. soldiers the “lowest of our low.”

While this sentiment is typical from the left, it’s highly disturbing to see a teacher disparaging American military heroes to any students, and Salcido was quickly lambasted for his hateful comments.

On Monday, Fox News hosts on “The Five” excoriated the left-wing looney, and host Kennedy did not hold back, slamming Salcido for allegedly striking a student in 2012, and challenging him to spend a day visiting the Walter Reed military medical facility, meeting wounded soldiers.

Clearly, the problem of left-wing hatred for America and American values, including our military heroes, is out of control on college campuses, but now, it looks as if it’s starting to spread to high school, as well.

Watch the video:


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