Stephen Baldwin – Like Saul, “Trump Is God’s Chosen Instrument”

It’s nice to know there is at least ONE Baldwin brother with his head on straight.

Unlike his bitter older brother, Alec, Stephen Baldwin is a patriot and strong supporter of President Trump. He believes Trump is God’s chosen instrument for enacting positive change.

From CNSNews

Actor and Christian evangelist Stephen Baldwin, the younger brother of Alec Baldwin — who mockingly impersonates President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live — said that the once-moral wreck and Christian-hater Saul of Tarsus was chosen by God to repent and fullfill His will and Donald Trump today is like Saul, he is “God’s chosen instrument, whether we like it or not.”

Baldwin also criticized those apparent Christians who support abortion, explaining that you “can’t be pro-choice and call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Baldwin, who became a born-again Christian after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, made his remarks during a Feb. 2 Facebook Live interview with Faithwire, hosted by Billy Hallowell.

During the interview, Hollowell said, “What some Christians will say is, ‘we shouldn’t align with Trump, he’s got this horrible background, the rhetoric he uses is terrible, he’s not a good representative’ – so how do you – they’ll say, ‘how could Christians align with him?’ You know, they wouldn’t align with Bill Clinton, how would they align with him [Trump]?”

Baldwin replied, “I think President Trump is doing wonderful. I think President Trump is getting better. I think he’s not a politician but he’s learning it quickly.”

“But, more important, who was Paul?” said Baldwin. “Who was Paul?”  Halloway then quietly remarked, ‘”He was once Saul.”

Baldwin continued, “He was a Christian terrorist. It would be like if Bin Laden walked in the room and said, ‘Hey man, I know what you read about me, I’m not that guy anymore.’ That was Saul.”

“He was basically the guy,” said Baldwin,  “in fact, in the story, when he goes blind and then runs into another guy who was called – heard the voice of God – to go meet him. The guy who was supposed to meet him said, ‘Well, there’s only one Saul of Tarsus, Lord, and I’m sure you’re wrong on this one – you don’t want me to go talk to this guy.’ ”

“And He [God] said no, no, no,” continued Baldwin. “That guy – because My ways are not your ways – is My chosen instrument. So, right now, Trump is God’s chosen instrument, whether we like it or not.”

The conversation then veered to the topic of abortion and how a federal bill that would prevent most abortions after 20 weeks (5 months), because a baby in the womb feels pain at five months, was defeated in the Senate after Democrats filibustered it.

“The Bible’s very clear,” said Baldwin.  “The word never changes. God’s word is very simple and clear, and if you don’t know it or you don’t understand it, there’s ways to understand it, through podcasts and teachers and all kinds of things.”


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