SPECULATION: Could President Trump Pardon Mike Flynn?

President Trump has not ruled out pardoning Michael Flynn.

Just the mere idea of this scenario of course triggers liberals who don’t realize it would be nothing out of the ordinary for a President to do.

From Washington Times

President Trump has refused to rule out the notion of pardoning former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, infuriating Democrats like Sen. Mark R. Warner, who said this week that the pardon of a key witness or meddling with the special counsel investigation would cross “red lines.”

But presidential pardons have become somewhat common in the wake of special counsel investigations resulting in criminal charges.

In five out of the six most recent independent or special counsel investigations in which criminal charges were brought, presidents eventually issued pardons or commuted sentences. At least 12 such investigative teams have convened over the past 25 years, and the other half of cases were closed without criminal prosecution.

Mr. Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Special counsel Robert Mueller secured the plea as part of his ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election last year and suspected coordination with members of the Trump campaign.

Although Mr. Trump has said he is not planning to fire Mr. Mueller, he has expressed concerns with the way the investigation has been run and prompted speculation that he could be considering a pardon.

Asked last week about the possibility of a pardon for Mr. Flynn, Mr. Trump said he didn’t want to talk about the scenario “yet.”

“We’ll see what happens. Let’s see,” Mr. Trump said.

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