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Sorry, Michelle Obama! Trump is Making School Lunch Great Again

Under Former First Lady Michelle Obama, school lunches were subject to some of the most restrictive guidelines ever, and students hated the results.

The strict nutritional policies were part of Michelle’s attempt to combat “obesity” among children, but resulted in hungry students, as well as wasted food and money.

Michelle’s “lunch rules” were never popular, and it was widely reported that many students dumped the food, which was seen as “bland” and “gross,” straight into the trashcan, choosing to go without eating instead.

Today, the Trump administration’s USDA announced that it would be relaxing the disastrous Obama-era lunch policies, ending restrictions on sodium and grain levels in food.

President Trump’s Department of Agriculture also announced the return of chocolate milk, which was stricken from the menu on Michelle Obama’s orders.

Michelle Obama’s failed approach was typical liberal operating procedure: take something that worked, meddle in it needlessly, add a bunch of restrictive and punitive rules, and ruin it for everyone.

Liberals will manage to take the fun out of anything, and are never done telling us “what’s best” for us, regardless of how we feel about it.

Thankfully, President Trump and his administration are setting things right again, and after eight years of Obama’s awful leadership, America is breathing a sigh of relief!

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