SICKENING! Chris Wallace Pushes Leftist Fake News Narrative!

One thing Trump supporters understand, that GOP “establishment elitist” types fail to comprehend, is that one of the reasons President Trump resonated so strongly with the American people is because he IS one of us.

Unlike the “Swamp Creatures” and coastal elites who have run our country into the ground with their “good old boy” style of feckless leadership, President Trump doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t.

While limp, impotent GOP politicians allowed the left to ride roughshod over American politics and culture for decades, President Trump proved to be willing to do something that the weak GOP refused to do: FIGHT.

Trump rolled up his sleeves, got into the trenches, and fought with us and for us- now, those same spineless GOP RINOs who allowed the Clinton Crime Family and Obama’s corrupt administration to operate with impunity are daring to attack President Trump for speaking the truth.

The examples are endless, ranging from traitorous Republican lawmakers like John McCain, Jeff Flake, and others, to supposedly “conservative” pundits, like Chris Wallace- all of whom have made no secret of their disdain for our “America First” president.

After witnessing how destructive backstabbing “Republicans” can be to our “America First” agenda, when traitors in the Senate killed the attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare, it is imperative for Trump supporters and American patriots to call out these snakes.

Those who claim to be “Republicans” but constantly and relentlessly criticize our president over every decision and comment, aiding the fake news media’s quest to undermine President Trump, must be called out.

Watch the video:


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