SHOCK VIDEO: Another MAGA Hat ‘HATE CRIME’ Was Just Committed!

Here we go again, folks.

Maxine Waters has opened the floodgates, with her call to attack Trump officials and supporters, and now, it’s even less safe to wear your MAGA hat out in public.

A new video has surfaced of a young man in a gym working out with his MAGA hat on when a deranged liberal (videotaping the incident) walks up and takes his hat and throws it in the garbage.

Since the video went public, the supposed attacker locked his/her Twitter account.

This means that he/she has turned on a security feature so only his/her approved followers can engage with him/her.

The account belonging to the supposed attacker, according to internet sleuths, showcases a Mexican flag and the name “Juan” and was started back in 2010.


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