Sean Spicer Slams Media, Praises Sarah Huckabee for ‘Phenomenal’ Job

In any presidential administration, the job of the White House Press Secretary isn’t easy, but it’s especially hard when the mainstream media and the entire Democratic Party is out to destroy your boss!

For Sarah Huckabee, who took over for Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary for the Trump administration, her job is extra difficult, but she endures the hate from the media like a true champ.

Recently, a scumbag writer for the LA Times, named David Horsey, wrote a hateful column in which he made disparaging remarks about Huckabee, likening her to a “slightly chunky soccer mom.”

For Sean Spicer, who was White House Press Secretary before Sarah Huckabee, that was too much, and the usually-quiet Spicer came out swinging against the entire media, slamming them for not defending Huckabee.

Spicer called the comments “disgusting,” and said Huckabee was doing a “phenomenal” job as Press Secretary.

“The priorities of the mainstream media are not the priorities of where I think most of the American people are,” said Spicer, and he’s completely correct.

Watch the video:

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